Sunday, March 18, 2018

It has been a while

I have been so busy doing magic shows that I have not posted anything on this blog in a while. Well it is March 2018 and the weather around the Bay Area is getting slowly warmer and the days are getting longer. I am sure many of you have Birthday parties coming up or other celebrations. Do consider hiring a good magician to entertain all of you. Magic is a skilled entertainment form - as opposed to consumed characters, etc. I just performed a magic show today and once of the audience members remarked to me that the best thing about a magic show is that it brings everyone in the party TOGETHER to watch something fun. I AGREE 100%. That is part of the fun - to sit and watch something together. In the last few months I have performed shows in India, in Atlanta and of course all over the san Jose/San Francisco Bay Area.

If you live in Cupertino, Sunnyvale, Los Altos, Palo Alto, Mountain View or Saratoga, you are so close to me that I would love to perform at you next party. Hope to see some of you this coming Summer months.

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Fall 2016 Magic shows

I am not sure exactly why but the start of September seems to always be the start of the magic show season after the summer holidays. Though people are home during the summer and school starts in August, I think most people settle down in the new school year and plan many birthday parties and magic shows for September and October and then of course the busy holiday season kicks in.

Magic is quite popular these days with both the Penn and Teller show and the Masters of Illusion show going strong on TV. I hope many of you are watching these shows since they are quite high quality. I have added some new effects to my magic shows and I hope you enjoy them also. More and more people are asking for the illusion ,magic show where it appears that I make a member of the audience float for a few seconds. This can be done outdoors or indoors and has been very popular among the kids 7 years and older. Adults love this effect also.

I hope you make plans early if you need a magic show in September, October, November or December. I hope to see many of you in my shows. 

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Three magic shows in one day !

It is true - I actually did 3 back to back magic shows in one day. While there are probably many full time pros who do this, for me it was a first. Luckily there was enough time to get from one place to the next and more importantly the first show started 'on time' which is a pretty rare occurrence. The shows were for different age groups of kids and that means I had to pack carefully in the beginning of the day. I did forget to bring a couple of things but nothing major and all the shows went without a hitch. In fact, one of the customers was so happy, she immediately wrote a great review on

So while I prefer to do 1-2 shows a weekend and not to work every weekend either, sometimes things do not work the way we want. Ultimately when I stand in front of a group of kids and adults who are eagerly waiting to watch a magic show, I just love this feeling and it always brings out my best. And as I do more shows, I am getting even better at involving all the kids in a show and making them all work with me. I also did some balloon twisting for 2 shows yesterday and that is a lot of fun also. Whether it is a simple heart balloon on a stick, or a sword or a more complex figure, they all bring so much joy to the kids :-)

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Come watch my magic show at Santa Clara library Northside Branch on Nov. 7 at 2:00 p.m

The Santa Clara library Northside Branch is celebrating Diwali this year on Nov. 7. I open the afternoon festivities with my magic show. This is a great chance to have some Diwali fun and also watch many of the events incl. my magic show. So please come if possible and bring your whole family with you.

For us performers this is a great chance to interact with the greater community as opposed to doing private birthday party shows. I am looking forward to a fun filled interactive show. Here's the link to the day's events.

BTW, this is busy season coming up - so if you are looking for a magician in November or December it is time to call and reserve now. Check out my web-site for various types of shows I offer.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Magic shows in new school season

Well summer vacation 2014 is over and schools are back in session soon. I have had some magic shows and some vacation as well. Now I am back to doing shows and available on weekends as before.

Here are a few tips if you are considering hiring a magician for your child's birthday party:
  • Focus on quality - not quantity. There are many magicians and many styles and many prices too. What you want to stay focused on in the best possible show you can get - after all you do not do this everyday
  • Plan well in advance - I have started offering a discount for people who book early. I think this is well deserved.
  • Make sure you let people attending the party know what time the magic show is planned. I have been to many parties where I am the first one to show up :)
  • Try and watch the show yourself - this will let the other guests know that this is an important event. It is very hard for a magician to perform when people are chatting loudly about what stocks to buy.
  • Enjoy and have fun - take some pictures - so you can save the memories !
Hope to see you at one my upcoming magic shows. Do stop by and say hello.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Full review of my Illusion show from a real customer last weekend

Instead of me describing my show, let me allow a customer to describe the show in her own words:
We invited Vijay to perform at my daughter's 10th birthday party where we had about 35 people attending including adults and kids, all the way from kindergarten through 8th grade. Vijay put on a fantastic show for all that were present and it turned out to be simply a wonderful evening !
Grownups and kids alike were all kept entertained, engaged and excited about the next magic trick that was about to unravel before them…whether it was cards…lights….soda…bent spoons...or rabbits….and finally culminating with my daughter - the birthday girl - levitating in mid-air !!
Vijay is a great entertainer/performer and kept the show extremely interactive, calling upon kids individually to come up in front of the audience to help perform the next act. The Birthday Chronicle that he custom compiles specifically based on the birthdate of your child is a unique keepsake, outlining special news events that happened on that day.
Thank you Vijay for making my daughter's birthday this year such a memorable one for us !
Hope you enjoyed this review. Read many more here:
I am doing many magic shows this summer - I do hope we get a chance to meet at one of my shows. If you have any questions about the show, do email me at

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Magic shows for mixed age groups

How do you do a magic show where we have kids of different age groups and also adults watching? This is a great question and it is something I have to deal with often when I do magic for a first birthday party or an adult celebration for a key milestone birthday or special anniversary, etc. The answer is to have something for everyone. I usually start every show by explaining why magic works - yes, you have to see my show to know what this means. This is of course interesting for everyone. This is followed by a few effects that will amaze young and old. Only then I go into effects for younger kids but then I return to some effects for older kids and adults like when I bend solid spoons with my mind or predict something they have just thought of.

In short, if you watch my show, you will see that people of all age groups are engaged and they all love to watch a live magic show and be entertained and amazed. Let me end with a couple of actual customer quotes related to this:

"We had Vijay perform at our daughter's Birthday yesterday and to our surprise he had captured attention of kids and adults alike for the next 45 mins...."

"Vijay is really amazing, kids and adults enjoyed the show equally. It was a very memorable birthday party. This was our second time to have Vijay for a birthday party. I will highly recommend Vijay for fun filled birthday parties"

To read all the customer comments click here:

I look forward to meeting you at one of my magic shows this summer - 2014.