Saturday, February 26, 2011

Magic tricks using your iPhone

I recently got an iPhone in December 2010. It is amazing that there are many magic tricks you can do with an iPhone. One of them is called iSoda and I have been doing this in my birthday party shows these days and invariably the kids love it. In fact some of the kids menstion that it was their favorite trick. Basically what happens is this - there is a screen that looks like a vending machine. You press the slot and the screen fills up with a soda. You can actualy shake the phone and it appears that the soda shakes and froths also. Then you put the phone to your mouth and empty the soda. Looks very real indeed :-)

This trick is done as part of my "3 quick tricks" segment that I introduced into my show last month. If I don't do this at the show - please ask and I will do it just for you. As always go to my web-site if you want to learn more about magic:

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Magic Contests - continued

I am happy that news about our Close up contests appeared in the magazine for the Internation Brotherhood of magicians. Look here for the article that appeared in the January issue. There's a better version on my website