Sunday, December 14, 2008

Best age groups for performing magic

When can children start appreciating magic shows? What is the best age group for enjoying a magician? Do teenagers like magic? These are all tough questions and I am sure there is no single correct answer for any of these. I would just like to offer my opinion based on my performances.

I perform a lot of magic shows at "first birthday" parties. Now everyone knows that a 1 year old is not going to enjoy magic but in these parties you find kids in every age group. I usually try to get the age group of the majority of the kids but sometimes it trul is a mixed audience. Today I performed at a nine year old's birthday party and that went really well. Based on my performances I would like to propose that kids under 3 will usually not understand or appreciate magic effects. I fell that kids who are between 7 and 10 love magic and get totally into the shows. For these kids, you can even perform a full hour magic show and they will not get bored. Kids above 15 are not that interested but they soon start displaying adult like curiosity. And of course adults do not really follow a pattern. Most adults love watching good magic shows but I am sure there are some that think it is childish.

I perform for "kids of all ages" and do my shows for kids > 3 years old. Most of my parties are for kids 14 and under. I will of course tailor my effects and the length of the show according to the age group and all my audiences seem to have fun :-) Don't forget to book your shows at least a month in advance.