Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Magic shows for mixed age groups

How do you do a magic show where we have kids of different age groups and also adults watching? This is a great question and it is something I have to deal with often when I do magic for a first birthday party or an adult celebration for a key milestone birthday or special anniversary, etc. The answer is to have something for everyone. I usually start every show by explaining why magic works - yes, you have to see my show to know what this means. This is of course interesting for everyone. This is followed by a few effects that will amaze young and old. Only then I go into effects for younger kids but then I return to some effects for older kids and adults like when I bend solid spoons with my mind or predict something they have just thought of.

In short, if you watch my show, you will see that people of all age groups are engaged and they all love to watch a live magic show and be entertained and amazed. Let me end with a couple of actual customer quotes related to this:

"We had Vijay perform at our daughter's Birthday yesterday and to our surprise he had captured attention of kids and adults alike for the next 45 mins...."

"Vijay is really amazing, kids and adults enjoyed the show equally. It was a very memorable birthday party. This was our second time to have Vijay for a birthday party. I will highly recommend Vijay for fun filled birthday parties"

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I look forward to meeting you at one of my magic shows this summer - 2014.