Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Magic Show at Elks Lodge, Gilroy

About 2 weeks ago, we had the good fortune of performing a full evening of magic at the Elks Lodge in Gilroy. Accompanying me were my 2 good friends - Carlucci and Ken King. All 3 of us have been together at the magic club, IBM Ring 216, San Jose for many, many years. There was walk around magic and a full stage magic show. Carlucci produced his cute rabbit which of course everyone wanted to pet. Ken performed some solid magic incl. the classic Linking Rings. I performed my abbreviated stage show which included some jedi style spoon bending and concluded with my "floating" child illusion. The audience seemed to have a lot of fun and I enjoyed performing with my friends. During my walk around I performed a couple of effects using my iPhone and people loved this. After a very busy July performing many magic shows, I am taking a break in August and focusing on other things. But if you a need a magic show, do call me.