Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Blue and Gold Banquet Magic Show

I just performed at a cub scout Blue and Gold banquet in West San Jose. My son Vineet was a cub scout for 5 years and is now in the Boy Scouts. I would strongly encourage young boys to join the Cub Scouts. Parents - do talk to your boys about this. It is such a wonderful program and the boys learn so much and it gets you out of the house :-)

The magic show was my short version (35 minutes) but it went very well. Several parents came after the show and said how I had related to the boys and really got them into the show. This is what I do best and I was glad to hear that people appreciate this. One guy even said that last year's magician was OK but the boys just did not seem to connect. So magicians, remember that this is very important - do not perform at them, you need to make them part of the show and get them to really participate. This is the difference between kid shows and short magic acts that are performed to music, etc. Read Silly Billy's book for a lot more info on this topic.

Have a magical valentine's day.