Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year - 2012

Happy New Year to all my friends in magic. Whether you are a fellow magician or a past or future customer, I hope you have a great 2012 and enjoy a healthy and prosperous new year. As the year wrapped up, I had two magic shows on Dec. 30 and 31 and the shows went off very well. Both shows had a large holiday crowd and the shows were received very well.

As we head into 2012, I will be adding a couple of new magic effects into the show. So even if you have seen the show recently, there will be new things for you to enjoy. I hope you saw the recent tricks I have added with the iPhone - if not, do ask and I will show you. They are a lot of fun. I know last year, I was booked solid in January and February, so if you are thinking of having a show, do let me know as soon as possible. I do hope we get to meet at one of my magic shows in 2012.