Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Diwali Magic shows at Cupertino Memorial Park - 9/27/2008

I just finished performing my magic shows at Cupertino memorial park once again this year. This was my fourth year in a row doing this and it is a lot of fun for me. If you happen to see the show next year, do come by and say hello. There were hundreds of people this year andeveryone had a great time. My magic shows seemed to be a big hit and I had good sized audiences for each show with the last show being the biggest one.

Isn't it great that a city in the USA is celebrating all major festivals - some of them ethnic and some traditional e.g. in Cupertino, they celebrate Chinese Lunar new year, Diwali - Indian festival of lights and Oktoberfest. I find this wonderful and feel that we should all show encouragement by attending many of these festivals. They have good food, lots of activities for children and also the usual vendor booths.

The shows I perform are for kids and adults alike and last for 35-40 minutes. I usually perform 3-4 shows and start around 12:00 noon. Do stop by and watch - I promise you will be entertained and will probably be fooled also :-)