Sunday, March 24, 2013

Repeat Magic Shows

So do you see the same magic show if you invite me to your party after you see me at your friend's party? This is a great question and the answer is 'it depends on what you want'. Most magicians including me have many different effects they perform and can change at least 50% of the show quite easily. In fact I know so much magic that I can perform 2 completely different magic shows - with 90% different effects in each show. But that is probably not what people want. They book you because they like you and your show. This means that they may want to see some of the main effects again. So I always ask people a lot of questions when I get booked and then decide what to perform after I find out all the details about the party. I also regularly add new effects to the show and swap out some older effects, so if you have not seen the show for a while you will definitely see new stuff if you book me even if you have seen me before.

This year, Rocky the Racoon is not performing in all my shows. But we have some other new effects. You must see the show to find out what is new :-) Speaking of shows, Spring season has arrived, the weather is getting better and many more people seem to want magic shows at their party. Hopefully I will see you this quarter at one of my shows.