Sunday, October 23, 2011

Holiday magic shows

Whether you are a small business owner considering a small party for your clients or a large company having a grand holiday party for your employees, a magic show is a great way to provide some wholesome family entertainment. As an example, last year I performed at the holiday party for a large Silicon Valley company at a Cupertino restaurant. I did an hour of ballon twisting followed by my deluxe magic show. All the kids and most of the adults watched and had a great time. These shows get booked weeks in advance - so please book early if you are thinking of a show in December.

I have also purchased a new backdrop for my magic shows, so if you have some extra space, do request me to bring it and you can have a great stage like area for the magic show. The nice backdrop with curtains and small mirrors is great for taking pictures also. See below for the picture of this (mine looks almost exactly like this). Have a great holiday season with your loved ones and do buy some stuff for yourself - so our economy can improve

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Magic Coventions

How does a whole day of card tricks, magic lectures, magic shows and a lot of magic dealers inb one room sound? Well it sounds and feels like a magic convention :-) In my early years of magic. I attended many conventions - some of them back to back. But now I rarely get time to go to these wonderful events. This year I was fortunate to attend one day of the Golden Gate Gathering which is a local magc convention in Foster city. Kent Gunn and his buddies arrange this great 2 day convention and it is a more intimate event as opposed to the grand national events. It is still well attended by many top magicians and a lot of fun to attend.

This year on the first day, we had letures by Bob White, Lee Asher and Curtis Kam. And of course many impromptu performances. I also had the opportunity to purchase some books from Byron Walker who was one of the only 2 dealers at this event. If you get a chance to attend a magic convention do take advantage of the opportunity. It will be a very memorable event. Convntions do end up being quite expensive to attend but you also learn a lot.

Summer is a great season for having parties and organizing magic shows. Do give me a call at least 3-4 weeks in advance if you want a magic show for your party. See for contact info.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Outdoor magic shows

People often ask - can you do a magic show outdoors? This can happen when you want the show in your backyard or if you want me to do the show in a park. Well this weekend, I did both. On Saturday and Sunday we had beautiful weather and I did one show in someone's backyard and one show today in a park. The shows were a huge success and everyone loved the magic and the entertainment.

You do have to watch a couple of things. I need parking close by and you need to find a spot preferably in the shade - otherwise the kids may have the sun shining in their eyes. I may also not wear my grand Indian costume and may go for something colorful with a vest instead. Most of the times I can do the balloon also but if it is too hot or if you have too many kids, you may want to do the illusion show instead.

In general, it is a lot easier if you can arrange to do the show indoors but in the coming few months, outdoors is definitely an option. I am looking forward to long days and a great summer ahead. My Google places page has been very active and many of my recent customers have given me 5 STAR ratings, so do feel free to browse this page.

Enjoy the rest of Spring season!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Math Fun

You may have seen the Fun Stuff page on my web-site If you have not, here's a taste of the kind of stuff I have there. Let me prove (yes mathematical proof) that 1=2. Sounds impossible - read on.
Well, that's not possible - is it? You are right, it is not - but can you spot where the fallacy (mistake) is? If you cannot figure it out, do send me an email at and I will tell you where it is.

If you enjoy this type of stuff - do read that page on my web-site or send me an email. Until next time, have a magical spring !

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Magic tricks using your iPhone

I recently got an iPhone in December 2010. It is amazing that there are many magic tricks you can do with an iPhone. One of them is called iSoda and I have been doing this in my birthday party shows these days and invariably the kids love it. In fact some of the kids menstion that it was their favorite trick. Basically what happens is this - there is a screen that looks like a vending machine. You press the slot and the screen fills up with a soda. You can actualy shake the phone and it appears that the soda shakes and froths also. Then you put the phone to your mouth and empty the soda. Looks very real indeed :-)

This trick is done as part of my "3 quick tricks" segment that I introduced into my show last month. If I don't do this at the show - please ask and I will do it just for you. As always go to my web-site if you want to learn more about magic:

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Magic Contests - continued

I am happy that news about our Close up contests appeared in the magazine for the Internation Brotherhood of magicians. Look here for the article that appeared in the January issue. There's a better version on my website