Sunday, May 22, 2011

Outdoor magic shows

People often ask - can you do a magic show outdoors? This can happen when you want the show in your backyard or if you want me to do the show in a park. Well this weekend, I did both. On Saturday and Sunday we had beautiful weather and I did one show in someone's backyard and one show today in a park. The shows were a huge success and everyone loved the magic and the entertainment.

You do have to watch a couple of things. I need parking close by and you need to find a spot preferably in the shade - otherwise the kids may have the sun shining in their eyes. I may also not wear my grand Indian costume and may go for something colorful with a vest instead. Most of the times I can do the balloon also but if it is too hot or if you have too many kids, you may want to do the illusion show instead.

In general, it is a lot easier if you can arrange to do the show indoors but in the coming few months, outdoors is definitely an option. I am looking forward to long days and a great summer ahead. My Google places page has been very active and many of my recent customers have given me 5 STAR ratings, so do feel free to browse this page.

Enjoy the rest of Spring season!