Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Birthday party show in a school classroom

I have performed in school class rooms but had not been invited to do this for a birthday before. I just performed my deluxe show for one hour at this seven year old's birthday party in his class room. There were two classes watching and a total of more than 50 kids. This was a great audience and they were totally into all the magic tricks which is exactly what I try to do i.e. involve them in the stuff I do.

They loved all the effects - from sponge balls, the miser's dream, coloring book, hippity hop rabbits, spoon bending and finally "the flower trick". I have started doing a poll these days on the kids' favorite trick and once again "the flower trick" won but there were several other tricks that the kids mentioned which was a welcome surprise to me. This must mean that I am doing something right - if amond all kids, 5 different tricks stood out as the "best" !!

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