Thursday, September 23, 2010

Multiple shows on the same day

This month I have had two weekends where I had to do two shows on the same day. I have done this several times before but usually the shows are far apart e.g. one show at noon and one at dinner time, But this month the shows were back to back i.e. I finished one show and immediately drove to the next one. Some of these shows were also quite far apart and hence this was an added challenge. I discovered that the shows needed to be about 2.5 hours apart if the shows were far away from each other and I had to pack quite efficiently after the first show in order to be able to do the second show effectively.

Now I bring a fair amount of stuff for my show since I believe in a large and visual show as opposed to entertaining out of a small box. I know I can entertain a crowd with a deck of cards but I also think the larger effects also have their place and kids just love large colorful effects like my popular Hippity Hop Rabbits. It is amazing how many kids have not seen this wonderful effect and absolutely love the ending. People also love the famous flower trick from India and that is also a large item that I have to pack and carry from show to show. I recently purchased a Lefler table and this makes the packing and hauling easier thought it is very heavy.

I can assure you that 20 years ago when I started doing magic there was no way I could do 2 entertaining shows (sometimes with slightly different effects) back to back but now that I have a streamlined show and effects for different age groups I can do this easily and I enjoy it. Today is the start of Fall (or autumn as they say in England and India) and I hope to do many shows in Fall and Winter.

By the way, we now have short video clips on my web-site - so do check out: