Sunday, February 28, 2016

Three magic shows in one day !

It is true - I actually did 3 back to back magic shows in one day. While there are probably many full time pros who do this, for me it was a first. Luckily there was enough time to get from one place to the next and more importantly the first show started 'on time' which is a pretty rare occurrence. The shows were for different age groups of kids and that means I had to pack carefully in the beginning of the day. I did forget to bring a couple of things but nothing major and all the shows went without a hitch. In fact, one of the customers was so happy, she immediately wrote a great review on

So while I prefer to do 1-2 shows a weekend and not to work every weekend either, sometimes things do not work the way we want. Ultimately when I stand in front of a group of kids and adults who are eagerly waiting to watch a magic show, I just love this feeling and it always brings out my best. And as I do more shows, I am getting even better at involving all the kids in a show and making them all work with me. I also did some balloon twisting for 2 shows yesterday and that is a lot of fun also. Whether it is a simple heart balloon on a stick, or a sword or a more complex figure, they all bring so much joy to the kids :-)

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